Molter & Company, an award-winning real estate project management firm, leads the development and hotel operations of the Windsong Resort, an outstanding luxury Turks and Caicos real estate project. The company has emerged as one of the preeminent Turks and Caicos real estate development firms with over two decades of hospitality management experience and over 20 years of real estate development and management in the United States. The firm is well known in South Florida for its successful development, construction and management of multimillion-dollar luxury oceanfront home projects and major residential neighborhoods including clubhouses and marinas. While Windsong is recognized in the Caribbean for its success in Turks and Caicos real estate, the firm has also been recognized by the construction industry in the U.S. for its architectural achievements, sensitivity to community and environmental concerns, planning capability, and financial integrity.

Mr. Molter selected accomplished Turks and Caicos architect John Redmond to collaborate and execute the design of Windsong’s sophisticated Phase II residences. Applying their combined knowledge of the nuances of island living,

Mr. Molter and Mr. Redmond created some exciting common areas for all Phase II owners to enjoy including a two-level Club Room and a 3,500 square foot penthouse roof terrace. They also created unique splash pools on the ground level and dramatic sky pools for the penthouses. The thoughtful and contemporary design of Phase II is expected to equal the incredible success of Windsong’s existing residences. The anticipated result will continue the success of Windsong as a casual, carefree luxury island getaway -- benefitting both owners and their very satisfied vacation rental market.

What Owners Say About Windsong

The close proximity of the Windsong buildings to Grace Bay provides the best views of any condominium on the island.
The seamless, professional management has been thorough and honest in its reporting of strata documents.

Best of all, my investment has done quite well.”

James Chicago, Illinois owner since 2008

What Owners Say About Windsong

We already owned another island property when we discovered Windsong, but it was a good value for the price, so we bought an oceanfront suite. The Windsong condominiums have the best views on the Island.

Although we bought at Windsong to enjoy vacations there, we have been fortunate to enjoy one of the best run rental programs on the island.”

Gary Philadelphia, Pennsylvania owner since 2009

What Owners Say About Windsong

The view is incredible and the oceanfront suites are so much closer to the water than other resorts. We did our research prior to purchasing and felt reassured with the airport expansion, direct flights to the island, quality of the Canadian-run hospital, availability of a good grocery store, and fully furnished suites. The staff is genuinely friendly and accommodating, and we couldn’t be happier with the hands-on style of the on-site rental management company.”

Kerri Toronto, Ontario owner since 2011


On-Site Management

No Caribbean real estate investment is complete without peace of mind. While owners relax at Windsong, an experienced, on-site resort management company oversees the entire property -- ensuring carefree enjoyment.

While owners are off-island, the on-site manager continues to look after their Caribbean real estate beachfront investment with special attention to maintenance issues and any other requests. So, investors enjoy the financial benefits of Windsong’s successful rental program while our management team coordinates every detail and leaves them with peace of mind knowing that all is handled professionally and efficiently.

key team member


Jim Molter, managing partner of the Windsong Resort, is a “hands-on” real estate developer and hotel operator who has ensured that hotel rental operations are integral to the design, development and management of the Windsong condominium.

With two decades of hospitality management experience and more than twenty years of development experience, Mr. Molter brings a wealth of expertise and value to Windsong’s luxury condominium sales and rental businesses. Most appreciated by home buyers though, is Molter & Company’s commitment to innovative design, quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and exceptional customer satisfaction. Like the homeowners in the U.S., Windsong owners benefit from Mr. Molter’s wealth of experience in realizing their Turks and Caicos real estate investment. So too do vacationers looking for a luxury Grace Bay beach resort in a spectacular island setting. This is evidenced by the consistent awards Windsong has received over the years and by the highly positive reviews on travel websites.


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